The impetus for this website originated by the request of colleagues in the Election Integrity movement to make my work on the 2016 Presidential primaries easily accessible.  Since the Democratic Party primaries and the Presidential Elections of 2008, I have been analyzing exit polls and their discrepancies with the reported computerized vote counts. This work continued in these primaries by downloading, beginning on Super Tuesday, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party exit polls conducted by Edison Research for all the state primaries first published by CNN soon after the closing of polls for the state.  The vote totals for every candidate were then calculated from the gender category in the exit polls.

The exit poll results from this effort have, to my knowledge, been the exclusive data source for all other researchers, analysts, articles, and lawsuits that reference exit poll results.  The launch of this website introduces for the first time the exit poll results for the Republican Party primaries and their discrepancies with the official vote counts.  The comparison between the Democratic Party and Republican Party primaries is now possible and is included in these webpages.

This site just launched, is still under formation with new topics of research likely to follow.

Theodore de Macedo Soares