Public Records Laws – US States

By Theodore de Macedo Soares First draft that will soon be updated with links to the Public Records Law (PRL) of each US state and how they apply to access to election ballots by the public.  These laws, similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) are known by varying names according to each state. For example: in New York, they are called Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), in Wisconsin and Florida they are called Public Records Law, Continue Reading →

Wisconsin: Hand Count of Ballots is Public Records Law

by Theodore de Macedo Soares Wisconsin’s Public Records Law grants the right to visually inspect and hand count ballots.  As an important aside Florida’s Public Records Law, for example, does so as well and before an election is certified and before the expiration of the period for a recount (see NASS survey link below). In Wisconsin the ballots are accessible under the Public Records Law only after the period for a recount. This exception, however, may only be a Continue Reading →