Exit Polls versus Reported Vote Counts. 2016 Presidential Primaries

by Theodore de Macedo Soares. In the United States, computerized election vote counts are essentially unverified [1].  Computer counts are non-transparent and non-observable by ordinary citizens.  For these reasons, and in order to prevent hard-to-detect computer vote fraud, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany (their version of the US Supreme Court) in 2009, effectively banned the use of computers to count Germany’s ballots [2]. In order to be able to verify the results of their elections, Germany reverted to Continue Reading →

The Suspect Massachusetts 2016 Primary

Vote count matches Republican Party exit polls but not the Democratic Party exit polls. by Theodore de Macedo Soares. Article first published in OpEdNews.com on March 10, 2016. In the Massachusetts March 1, 2016 primary Democratic Party race,  the computerized vote count declared candidate Clinton the winner but the exit polls indicated candidate Sanders to be the winner by a margin of 6.6%.  These same exit polls accurately predicted the results of each and all of the Republican candidates.  Continue Reading →